Eclipse Neon will require Java 8

Excellent news from the Eclipse Foundation: the next version of Eclipse, called “Neon,” will require the Java 8 runtime. The announcement in email is underwhelming, but the actual project plan is a little more explicit and informative:

In general, the 4.6 release of the Eclipse Project is developed on Java SE 8 VMs. As such, the Eclipse SDK as a whole is targeted at all modern, desktop Java VMs. Most functionality is available for Java SE 8 level development everywhere, and extended development capabilities are made available on the VMs that support them.

Frank Vogella, in Eclipse Neon (Eclipse 4.6) will require a Java 8 runtime, says this:

Several Eclipse projects like m2e and Jetty have already moved to Java 8. This moves allows us in the Eclipse platform to use the improved Java 8 API to modernize and optimize our code base and will hopefully make the Eclipse project even more interesting for potential Eclipse contributors.
After all, who wants to work in his unpaid time with an outdated Java version?